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In 2022, Quanta Africa launched the maiden edition of Project T3. A 6 weeks basic tech program which offers a variety of in-demand tech skills taught by industry experts.  

Images from Project T3 Cohort 1

We are transforming lives through tech

Project T3 students live in different states and come from diverse backgrounds, all with a common goal in mind – learn a tech skill.


What some students from Cohort one have to say about the program

Our facilitator was incredible! He was passionate about teaching and I was able to learn so much within 6 weeks. I was able to manage a team of developers and a designer to build a mini project for our demo day presentation. Thank you Quanta for the Project T3 initiative.

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Product Management

I was taken from the basics to the depth of the JavaScript language, employed the server side JS runtime environment (Nodejs) and its packages in creating an interactive website, handled post and get requests to a NOSQL database (Mongodb) and tracked changes made using the DVCS (Git). Special thanks to Quanta Africa for this initiative.


Backend Development


Admission into Project T3 is FREE!

However all students would be required to pay a token of 
N5,000 ($12) for their certificate. 

Project T3

Application process


Project T3 is a tech program which teaches introductory tech courses 

Nigerian youths who have access to a computer and a stable internet connection

The program is scheduled to last for 4 weeks


Classes are held on weekends.

Friday and Saturday 6pm – 8pm

Training starts 13th February, 2023.

You stand to gain an introductory skill level for your chosen tech field a and direct entry into a TalentDev